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Versatile Stackable Ring - Twisted Rope - Gold Plated

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Research has shown the acupressure points stimulated with this multifunctional ring may support the body depending on its placement. Please review the potential  benefits below, which is defined by the name of each finger.

THUMB - Therapeutic Benefits

Placement ABOVE the knuckle closest to the palm

  • Helps support healthy metabolism and thyroid 
POINTER FINGER - Therapeutic Benefits

Placement ABOVE the second knuckle 

  • Supports healthy digestion and may relieve symptoms related to  constipation
  • Supports in relief of ringing in the ears

  • Helps calm the spirit

Placement BELOW the second knuckle

  • Helps support healthy sleep

MIDDLE FINGER - Therapeutic Benefits

Placement ABOVE the second knuckle

  • Helps support a balanced appetite
RING FINGER - Therapeutic Benefits

Placement ABOVE the second knuckle

  • Helps support easing of symptoms related to headaches
PINKIE FINGER - Therapeutic Benefits

Placement ABOVE the second knuckle

  • Helps support ease of symptoms related to headaches 
  • Helps support ease of  stress on the body related to anxiety

18k Gold Plated - 1.2 g

Ring Size Guide

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Material Details

14k Solid Gold -

All solid gold jewelry pieces are solely made out of 14k solid gold.

18k Gold Plated -

All gold plated jewelry pieces are made out of a sterling silver base and plated in 18k gold.

Expected Delivery

Expected Delivery is 3 to 4 weeks*

All of our pieces are handmade to order by our certified jeweler in the USA.

Acupressure Jewelry

Our acupressure jewelry works for your health while you wear it!

We’ve combined the luxury of gold jewelry with the therapeutic benefits of acupressure stimulation. Our pieces are capable of helping so many different pain points you may be facing…

🧠 Brain/Mental Support
💦 Detoxification/Liver Support
🥬 Digestion/Gut Support 
👂 Ear Support
⚡ Energy/Focus Support
👁️ Eye Support
♀️ Female Reproductive Support
🤰 Fertility/Genital Urinary System Support
💆‍♀️ Hair Growth/Scalp Support
♥️ Heart/Lung Support
😷 Immune Support
🏃‍♀️ Metabolism Support
🦴 Muscular/Joint/Spinal Support

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