Sexy, Stronger, Longer Hair and a Healthy Scalp

5 Steps to Sexy, Stronger, Longer Hair and a Healthy Scalp

5 STEPS TO ACHIEVING AND MAINTAINING SEXY, HEALTHY, STRONG HAIR, shown by research and years of my own clinical practice as a physician proven to provide results.

1. Wear your Acupressure Vital Cuff Daily-

The Vital Cuff worn on the upper part of the helix stimulates acupressure points that support a healthy scalp and hair growth.

2. A Must-Have Natural Ingredients in a Hair Growth Supplement

We like Shedavi Hair Growth Vitamins





3. Start with Exfoliation & a Gentle Massaging Brush-

Invest in a flexible brush with forgiving bristles that minimize snags or damage to your hair. Massage your scalp dry and wet prior to shampooing to exfoliate and maintain a healthy scalp.

We like the Manta Pink Hair Brush

4. Detoxify the Scalp- 

Between washes cleanse and detoxify the scalp with a once a week to dissolve build up and excess oil. 

We like Cold Processed Scalp Detox by Act +Acre

5. Dry Shampoo-

Wash Less and Condition the ends of the hair more. Use a dry shampoo to leave hair fresh, textured and scented beautifully. 

We like Living Proof Dry Shampoo